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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)


🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)

🔴 JJ (KSI)

🔵 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 SIMON (Miniminter)

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    7:15 From the east to the west 😂😂😂

  • Beau DeCamp
    Beau DeCamp

    Rolex, Pc and monitor, Silver.

  • Marco Ferretti
    Marco Ferretti

    “La crepe de la crepe” 😂😂😂😂

  • sophieee

    harry holding his straps omg 😭😭

  • Jason Nerves
    Jason Nerves


  • smokey 55
    smokey 55

    54:01 what is the thing is this?

  • JoeyMJ1

    No one: The sidemen: JJ, Tobes, and the Nigerians are on a team.

  • Finlay Bloore
    Finlay Bloore

    man with tobi and jj were so funny bro

  • Creepa 0121
    Creepa 0121

    Whens the next one? 😂😂

  • M K
    M K

    Only my asian gang knows what he said 48:06 😂😂

  • im Skrap
    im Skrap

    man it would be great to see a video like this where the people actually buy sensible stuff, i would have spent a great amount on groceries, furniture and some electronic stuff! but also get a new phone or 2 and some pc parts! its also not hard to spend money, only problem is that they had a time limit but even with that it wouldnt be hard

  • F1N_F1N

    i respect the sidemen for doing this !!

  • Ryson Matias
    Ryson Matias

    why doesnt anyone get cash cards so they can spend it later?

  • Groot

    Sidemen, spent 100k on fans. Stevewilldoit, spends 100k on fans a vid

  • chas chas
    chas chas

    The meaning of politically correct ....

  • Kenneth Sommer
    Kenneth Sommer

    I wish, in my family $50 is a lot of money

  • Deep Bhattacharya
    Deep Bhattacharya

    That sounded like MDC not modern Jordan

  • Mohammed Shams Altamash
    Mohammed Shams Altamash

    sidemen plz can u do one in south Africa and in vite me plz

  • David Hill
    David Hill

    Harry : I just dropped 2 😂

  • SteveHasCake

    the most surprising thing of all of this is that they were able to buy two series x's in store

  • victor leal
    victor leal

    Around 25m u can hear abit of Nigerian highschool musical

  • Vokshiii

    Why can’t god just bless me with the sidemen it would change a lot in my life

    • COVID 19
      COVID 19

      Dont dream just do it

  • Abdi

    the female camera man is a legend she just went from being in ethans group to ksi group in like 5 min

    • Unit:Thot Destroyer
      Unit:Thot Destroyer

      Cause she walked

  • Guyer Trumpet
    Guyer Trumpet

    If I got this I would’ve just paid of my car for my parents cause it was 14k and then give the rest to them aswell

  • Saran S
    Saran S

    i read only fans for sum reason

  • peyton byers
    peyton byers

    Mad jokes I bet theydidn’t even realize they put all the black guys on one team

  • Billy Dater
    Billy Dater

    Man if it was me I'd be asking for a good down payment on a house and a car that's reliable 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Vi ho Purgato ancora
    Vi ho Purgato ancora

    Its coming romeeeee

  • 1888 RIOT MUSIC
    1888 RIOT MUSIC

    This was super entertaining Lol

  • T K
    T K

    Naija boys stand up‼️🤣

  • chloe faulkner
    chloe faulkner

    Honestly these fans were absolute legends! Laughs the whole way through!

  • Jaivan Jv
    Jaivan Jv

    I swear all the Nigerians new each other as if they were part of the sidemen

  • Zainhy

    fye video 🔥🔥 Help me get buy some music equipement

  • Yannick Broos
    Yannick Broos

    Do something like this for the bodyguards/ camera crews.

  • Tøastyy

    Sidemens accountant watching this video🥲

  • Toast

    11:30 these dudes asking for the iphones like Mcdonalds

  • TjonYT

    my man said stay poor LMAOO

  • Adam Van Peelen
    Adam Van Peelen

    would love to see someone try this that isn't someone that buys all the brand name clothing and shoes etc, any maybe someone that doesn't buy apple ;)

  • Hayden Hess
    Hayden Hess

    Come to the USA

    • Henry _xoxo
      Henry _xoxo

      Tell mr.beast to come here then

  • Kezziaah

    I sign myself up for the next video 🤣🤣

  • Fusion Breakdown
    Fusion Breakdown

    i sat a whole hour watching this relising i will never be able to afford that much stuff ;c

  • reallics

    nice, keep teaching your teen followers to consume as much as possible and give all their future earned money back to the big corporations. 10/10 manipulation of the poor man.

  • David Petherbridge
    David Petherbridge

    I love Harry Plss say hi Harry Plsss I am such a fan

    • Amma Snake Gaming
      Amma Snake Gaming

      Hi harry plss i am such a fan

  • Jadonnn

    16k comments what a coincidence

  • Sneakytacos77

    This video is underrated

  • hannibal lecter
    hannibal lecter

    was it just me who heard something else when harry greeted Ishamel?

  • Myles N.V Cullum
    Myles N.V Cullum

    Next up: Sidemen spend 100k on onlyfans

  • Shannon Walters
    Shannon Walters

    I'd book a holiday tbf

  • Nombulelo Nzama
    Nombulelo Nzama

    Song at 2:24?

  • Coldest Vibe
    Coldest Vibe

    girl in the pink has back off

  • Sukant _beck
    Sukant _beck

    Kis gonna buy this tv

  • Human Person Thing ._.
    Human Person Thing ._.

    Jealousy is an annoying feeling cant lie Just seeing strangers being happy makes me feel annoyed and like a bad person Like a mrbeast vid. Anyone know if this is normal?

  • Neney987 S
    Neney987 S

    The Asian guys were jokes😭

  • Nattan Ralph
    Nattan Ralph

    I liked the vid, get me in the next one xx

  • Ali Shah
    Ali Shah

    These 2 lovely ladies would like to put a tab on for £1000, give back to people. Not donate to a charity 😭😂

  • Alles für die Familie
    Alles für die Familie


  • big daddy c
    big daddy c

    One of the teams should of combined and brought a house imo redecorate invest and repeat

  • Morgzy

    Funny how that one girl already has balenciagas lol

  • candy official
    candy official

    Most people go to church on sundays, but I go to the sidemen channel

  • Shania Ween
    Shania Ween

    Bro when covid drops come to aussie and do this please HAHAHA- melbourne specifically so i can join lmao

  • joseph E
    joseph E

    I would pay my car bill off 😂😂😂

  • Jakob Timelin
    Jakob Timelin

    Came here after a stevewilldoit video and sidemen are cheap compared to him

  • Digger Fuller
    Digger Fuller

    They said 16,000 not 12

  • simba

    Their style is aweful! Wtf. Joggings? Cmon!

  • I Love U Islam
    I Love U Islam

    The nigerian guy that spent no money for his mom was never found

  • Tom Nelson
    Tom Nelson

    Buy me a Vw Caddy van id be happy 💁‍♂️👍

  • Mr. Facts
    Mr. Facts

    27:53 - The crap the la crap Lol

  • Kutther

    your all insane


    *them saying goodbye* *the pigeons trying to have a baby*

  • Israa Ahmed
    Israa Ahmed

    How can I sign up for next time pls

  • Shaquille Alberto
    Shaquille Alberto

    fly me out for the next one 😂

  • Da Du
    Da Du

    I would go for two Pioneers CDJ-3000 and a Pioneer DJM-750MK2 asap 😅

  • Bhupat Kashyap
    Bhupat Kashyap

    Wish I spent a day with jj and tobi

  • mattsicker

    Can they return the items and get cash or store credit back? 🤔

  • Anime Senpai TV
    Anime Senpai TV

    He regrets not getting something for his mom

  • Bradley Martincrack
    Bradley Martincrack

    pft 100k dollars currency not pounds in London!

  • Jamie Baker
    Jamie Baker

    My fictional plan bc I know this would never happen to me so I can only just dream lol: -If we’re near a car dealership, immediately I’m buying a car. I won’t leave with extra money. -If we’re just near stores I’m immediately going to where all the gift cards are. (putting most of it into visa gift cards) - Me and my family don’t really care for fancy clothes/jewelry so I’d probably go to the Apple store and buy a couple iPad Pros with and apple pens for everyone and a procreate subscription. Add in some iTunes gift cards. - If I have extra then idk I’ll go to the nearest sushi place and ask if I can get a gift card from there with the rest of what I have left.

  • Alfie Brown
    Alfie Brown

    I liked the boys with jj and ksi but not buying anything for your family that’s so peak ....

  • grangedude

    I called it early that the Asian brothers will go buy watches first lol

  • Emmanuel Aissa
    Emmanuel Aissa

    I found a page with 20% off codes for Balenciaga

  • Alfie Brown
    Alfie Brown

    Kinda annoying they don’t even wear a mask properly though....

  • Alejo Rendón
    Alejo Rendón

    0:50 the nigerians🤣

  • ☑️ FaZe_sillywilly
    ☑️ FaZe_sillywilly

    Harry is my favorite sidemen JJ is my second favorite Ethan is my third favorite…. Tobi is my fourth…. Sorry vick….

    • Rajvardhan Kadam
      Rajvardhan Kadam

      What about others..

  • Dwayne Andrei
    Dwayne Andrei

    if i was there i will buy ultra setup of pc

  • SandBigger

    What ruin this video is that they see them selfs as Nigerians and not british

    • Yazeed Patel
      Yazeed Patel


  • Musty Patty
    Musty Patty

    I wonder what if they got robbed during the video

  • Nivesh Mhatre
    Nivesh Mhatre

    Sidemen spend 100k and earn a million that's business

  • Alt Ac
    Alt Ac

    The Nigerian crew wildin

  • FGC

    Love this video 👍

  • Will Owen
    Will Owen


  • Crooked

    Now they got me wishing i lived in London 🥺

    • Siraatj Mohamed
      Siraatj Mohamed

      Not all of them live in London


      Omm 😂

  • Will

    this is actually giving me heartburn cos this shot could have been me

  • Alexander Anaya Martinez
    Alexander Anaya Martinez

    This would’ve been a life changing moment for me if I was part of the video, as a low/middle class I’d spend the money wisely on assets to get that passive income & then in the future get the nice stuff. But it’s always good to treat yourself haha great video! Keep them coming! I’d want to be part of it I just live in the U.S.

  • Rmcb _
    Rmcb _

    Is how Toby can wear full white without getting any dirt on it

  • Purchase Lumière
    Purchase Lumière

    If I was there I would have bought a 3090 and Ryzen 9

  • DerJägerhalt

    I would just buy a car😭

  • squid_pie 087
    squid_pie 087


  • Emma -
    Emma -

    I think Tobi has found his soulmates

  • SoakingEggs

    would've gotten 10k in pure gold and 2k in gifts for the fam

  • CT-5555 (Fives)
    CT-5555 (Fives)

    Hahaha, "it's a wonderful day to be Nigerian." Ahh that's never been said before