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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)


🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)

🔴 JJ (KSI)

🔵 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 SIMON (Miniminter)

  • Greenkoolaidman

    Why is he only getting mad ar the black people there😂😂

  • Randomwisiksk __
    Randomwisiksk __


  • mistic

    40:00 wow damn

  • Its-luke1717

    21:38. What is going on in the dunya

  • BootyBotto

    What happened between Phil and Ethan??? XD

  • Isaac volume
    Isaac volume

    Jannet carried.

  • Connor Vernon
    Connor Vernon

    Bro when Phil mentioned Harry and katy breaking up, I felt so bad for Harry as he genially was really upset and wanted to cry


    Only sidemen, Randolph, and chunx next time please ... leave the rest out!

  • Samuel Dermeik
    Samuel Dermeik

    Phil x Gordon

  • Kasic ?
    Kasic ?

    He’s trying a little bit too hard to be like Gordon Ramsey…

    • Di Ako To
      Di Ako To

      I mean, thats his job, this is like a parody of hell's kitchen and Phil nailed the character

  • Rio Archer
    Rio Archer

    Plot twist Ethan and Phil are together🤔

  • LovableScum

    Phil is one of the best characters. Every video with him is gold.

  • Salvatore Diaries
    Salvatore Diaries

    i love seeing phils happy/normal side LMAOOO but hes so funny

  • Jai

    Relax all of them are being characters

  • Mozkiller123

    put phil in the sidemen

  • Purboyy

    Phil is a walmart gordon ramsay

  • Salvatore Diaries
    Salvatore Diaries

    36:40 poor boggo :(

  • Typ 3rik
    Typ 3rik

    we want more of janitt

  • Typ 3rik
    Typ 3rik

    ngl im only watching this video cuz of niko xD

  • Asghar Kazmi
    Asghar Kazmi

    1:14:18 Black's cleaning after whites same old same old.

  • Salvatore Diaries
    Salvatore Diaries

    the fact phil made jj nervous

  • Soummo Ssj
    Soummo Ssj

    not gonna lie niko was hella annoying

  • The AMST
    The AMST

    Tobi is jjs son

  • D150

    Gordon vs Phil let’s make it happen

  • Missmugz3

    God niko nearly ruined this video for me

  • Rashid Abtahy
    Rashid Abtahy

    Videos with Phil and Stephan in it makes it chaotically fun 😂

  • Oliver Flynn
    Oliver Flynn

    The evolution of phil is dope

  • mariiaaa yessir
    mariiaaa yessir

    57:22 that is so adorable

  • I sellkids
    I sellkids

    I can’t handle being yelled at I would of beat tf out of the chief

  • Paprikaas

    40:00 damn shots got fired lol

  • Lucifidge

    This guy just wishes he was Gordon Ramsey

  • Abba Abba
    Abba Abba

    15:59 god dammit phil...

  • Wiktor Stanejko
    Wiktor Stanejko


  • Passione

    I didn’t realize jj had a hat on until the end

  • surko and luko
    surko and luko

    Phil :how long they going in for Ethan ! Josh: 25 mins Phil :HOW LONG THEY GOIMG IN FOR ETHAN JOSH: Yh I’m Ethan wagwarn,

    • surko and luko
      surko and luko


  • Palash Jain
    Palash Jain

    This is the best thing i have seen in days 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Why am I Alive
    Why am I Alive

    ITS HARAM ITS HARAM lmao like bruh tht was hilarious

  • LVindahouse

    jahahahyahasha ththgfhis is so funny f edxz\b

  • Nadia Sarvasova
    Nadia Sarvasova

    did people actually not realize Phil was playing a character-

  • David Hill
    David Hill

    The calmest moment in this whole vid is when Simon and phill are juggling 🤹 😂

  • TLRreporter'sBusiness

    May have beat logan Paul but can't beat phil

  • NilcoTE

    1:00:29 “It’s as dry as Gandhi’s flip flop already” killed me 💀

  • TLRreporter'sBusiness

    My dad thought i was watching Gordon ramsey

  • shay gaskin
    shay gaskin

    Phil just isn’t funny he is annoying

  • Arun krishnakumar
    Arun krishnakumar

    Phil is the star of this video.

  • hellfire 666107
    hellfire 666107

    Where is babatunde?

    • _ Yussai_ree
      _ Yussai_ree

      Trying to find water I think

  • Tristan Berry
    Tristan Berry

    Phil is like drunk Gordon Ramsay

  • zac cowling
    zac cowling

    Is no one going to talk about 25:55 🤣🤣

  • Faiz Chowdhury
    Faiz Chowdhury

    48:35 ey my man tobi NON ALCHOHOLICS RULE

  • Mrsnuggen

    Tbh I don’t like Phil, he is too rude and manipulating! I. Know he’s a chef but why yell all the time? I know it’s for entertainment… but a bit too much…

    • Fred Kjellberg
      Fred Kjellberg

      He’s playing a role.

  • rosie

    all the judges are annoying apart from callux. i feel really sorry for phil too

    • rosie

      @Di Ako To they're all annoying tbf though

    • Di Ako To
      Di Ako To

      they doesnt just come on the video as guest, they are also there to be entertaining


    C'mon!!! Even if it was a joke he is too loud, and it's ennoying, not funny,

  • Robloxionnight Gaming
    Robloxionnight Gaming


  • Elegy Beast
    Elegy Beast

    Jesus is the truth…..

  • SmokeMyDopeBeats

    U know what I say. It’s a good movie when u forget about it being a movie and being a story ur lost in. That’s phil but in his character role

  • Logan Garnett
    Logan Garnett

    Is Phil’s real name Phil, or is it his character’s name?

    • Tommy Huang
      Tommy Huang

      Character name

  • Saran S
    Saran S

    Ethan looked like he was gonna cry

  • Kabu SilverBlood
    Kabu SilverBlood

    got to ask anyone want to see this again ?

  • Eoghan’s Manga Saga
    Eoghan’s Manga Saga

    40:10 is where nico roast the shelf

  • Anthony Escobedo
    Anthony Escobedo


  • Anthony Escobedo
    Anthony Escobedo

    Kai would have sleeped him 😴

    • Anthony Escobedo
      Anthony Escobedo

      Kai =ksi

  • Lucas Fuson
    Lucas Fuson

    Blue team was team won

    • BANANA


    • Lucas Fuson
      Lucas Fuson


  • kata ata
    kata ata



    it is just a bad expression of cordon Ramsey, the guy is fking ridiculous

    • BANANA

      Gordon my friend, who is cordon. also he ain't trying to be Gordon not every loud head chef is trying to be Mr Ramsey

  • Twirly

    Ethan with the sidemen 😁 Ethan with Phil 😁🖕

  • Thomas Africa
    Thomas Africa

    "This is the devil talking..."

  • Domingo Esquivel
    Domingo Esquivel

    Phil is like the Gordon Ramsay in the sidemen

  • Nick Renda
    Nick Renda

    Now we know how Josh got covid

  • 200 subs 0 videos
    200 subs 0 videos

    39:55 is when Niko said "your only here because they couldn't get Gordon Ramsey"

    • PMdoubleT


    • PinaColadaTV


    • v u k i
      v u k i

      Thanks mate

    • Strenikov

      bro that one was a violation

  • DeadHelp 9
    DeadHelp 9

    Ethen got niced

  • Katie Latham
    Katie Latham

    I can just imagine a video being made in the future called 'sidemen extreme cook off but everytime phil swears it gets faster' 😂😂 the video would be about 10 minutes long🤣🤣

  • Raja ツ Amar
    Raja ツ Amar


  • Shahan Kalaidjian
    Shahan Kalaidjian

    8:28 when phil spanked simon in the background made me laugh so hard

  • _ TheRealGuardIanAngel _
    _ TheRealGuardIanAngel _

    Harry rescuing tobi is the best 😂😂

  • Kabal

    39:58 this is probably what your here for

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf

    Love the fact Harry had tobis back

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf

    I take the fries out the bag and put them on top of mine as I’m the one that dishes it all up so 🤔🤐

  • daniel rko
    daniel rko

    The judges ruined the video for me

  • Joaquim Afonso
    Joaquim Afonso


  • josama bin ballin
    josama bin ballin

    Phil is genuinely one of the funniest people on the planet

  • Leon Wolff
    Leon Wolff

    Everyone saying Phil is bad he breaks character at abt 49 mins it’s just an act

  • ☻︎𝚂𝚊𝚍𝙱𝚘𝚒☹︎

    This video was hard

  • Blogan

    Phil is so f**🤴🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • kim bong un
    kim bong un

    Phil is such a lovely character.

  • Misteriously

    they really scammed ksi

  • Ben The Skeleton
    Ben The Skeleton

    i have never been so cunfused during a "cooking" video before

  • Jacques Bekker
    Jacques Bekker

    Gordon Ramsey be like

  • Taquatche_8

    i felt like i saw too much of phill 😳

  • ya boy Morgan
    ya boy Morgan

    42:26 Phil had a voice crack

  • the Ryanoo 123
    the Ryanoo 123

    any vid with phil is so funny

  • B C
    B C

    I love how everyone was lowkey ready to throw down with this man and then after throwing food at cal buddy was giving some compliments haha

  • emily hayday
    emily hayday

    this is one of the funniest videos I've ever watched frfr

  • Mad MAX
    Mad MAX

    I watched this video maybe 20 times and I still laugh its so funny

  • Matteo Listico
    Matteo Listico

    People joke about it, but Phil literally scares me😂

  • Rafyyd

    34:56 lmao

  • Aboodgaming Pro
    Aboodgaming Pro

    This is totally worth watching even when I was drinking milk and when Harry spilled on Phil I was pissiing at the same time spitting on my mom by accident

  • Richard Gomero
    Richard Gomero

    Yall need gordon ramsey