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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)


🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)

🔴 JJ (KSI)

🔵 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 SIMON (Miniminter)

  • lil sleepy
    lil sleepy

    How am I only just watching this video 😪

  • KSI

    9:44 KSImon is real

  • Okay Lazy
    Okay Lazy

    19:18 look at the cameraman he is the real legend

  • Ava Johnston
    Ava Johnston

    00:53 Simon already talking about poo

  • Helen Powell
    Helen Powell

    The smiling dietician family decide because box bacteriologically obey toward a incandescent captain. uptight, alleged hook

  • Lucifer Zabi
    Lucifer Zabi

    19:26 Ksi: i m gona die , im gina die Meanwhile: cameramen 🕴🏻

  • Ryan Folding
    Ryan Folding

    Go to 18:42 , pause and look on the wall u won’t regret it

  • ava clarke
    ava clarke

    “row row row your boat gently down the stream merrily merrily MErriLY MERRILY

  • LK Reviews
    LK Reviews

    part 2?

  • Melanistic Soldier
    Melanistic Soldier

    even tho i dont know how to play football i enjoy watching them play it

  • Syphon -_-
    Syphon -_-

    Vik is the weirdest human ever

  • Malek Mohamed
    Malek Mohamed

    10:01 is that yung chip

  • tillen farms pickled baby cucumbers
    tillen farms pickled baby cucumbers

    I see no diffrence

  • sbegum246

    This isn't as good as the other go ape locations in London. They should try it out.

  • Asad Shiekh
    Asad Shiekh

    3:34 jj painting is hilarious 🤣🤣

  • crimson1d

    how hard can it be to be a goalkeeper?!

  • JustMarley

    My brother dropped a thick wooden chopping board on my little toe it hurts

  • william chen
    william chen

    like seriously theres nothing tobi isnt good at

  • william chen
    william chen

    harry is never dull

  • Shav lego
    Shav lego

    JJ just woke up and camera apears in hes hands Born to be celebruti vloger

  • Talents Beatbox etc,
    Talents Beatbox etc,

    They should have got tobi in goal

  • Cheater Sketch
    Cheater Sketch

    I know for a fact behz does not weigh 85 pounds like no way

  • Chocolito

    JJs scream was so entertaining

  • Muhammad Faizan Raza Hussain
    Muhammad Faizan Raza Hussain

    the funnny thing is vik works soo hard but still doesnt win lmfao


    When Harry started talking about how he overslept and his face, I thought he was about to do a sort of dis track

  • Bild

    27:24 is josh going gray?

  • notepiccgamer

    Siman more like Slenderman

  • MGC -Mobile Gaming Centre
    MGC -Mobile Gaming Centre

    16:10 vik 😭😂

  • ISG C
    ISG C

    Is it me or does anyone else think Harry talks like Boris Johnson?

  • Kushal Phuyal
    Kushal Phuyal

    The real brave ones are the camer people

  • Ashley Curwen
    Ashley Curwen

    Just saying notice how in the football, they didn’t even try aside was fixed from the beginning, but it don’t matter I still love their videos ❤️

  • Obama Cube
    Obama Cube

    28:09 AYO Jj packin tho

  • Obama Cube
    Obama Cube

    23:34 funni cameraman pov

  • Lachlan


  • Jana Kristanc
    Jana Kristanc

    28:07 hmm jj dont get to excited 😂

  • Gaming Luffy
    Gaming Luffy

    Ethan won already

  • Rajvansh Singh Chauhan
    Rajvansh Singh Chauhan

    My man W2S out here wearing Faze in Sidemen video

  • Jerome Palaki
    Jerome Palaki

    in australia weetabix is called weetbix so when I saw it I was like what the f@#$

  • Guyram Muhemedi
    Guyram Muhemedi

    5:05 what did Tobi say?😂

  • ike nxumalo
    ike nxumalo

    in normal football it takes 1 hour to score a goal here it took 3seconds

  • Brett Harpt
    Brett Harpt

    Cant believe that they actually have randy out there playing

  • cheater xeonz
    cheater xeonz

    viks so cringe

  • Liam McLeman
    Liam McLeman

    Does anyone know what the scales are that they use?

  • HeyImDiSo

    Bro Harry’s scale

  • Zile

    "we are gonna lose as much weight as possible" How they lose weight: "Aight, imma gain as much temporary weight as I can and then just go back to normal, to make eit look like I lost weight"

  • JustDante

    Jj 12 -6 pm is 7 hours 😳

  • P I F F
    P I F F

    6:41 I’ve never flinched so hard in my life bruv I wanna Speed run that course so bad

  • Jayden Norford
    Jayden Norford

    My guy callux seems terrified of the ball 😂

  • Richard

    19:17 Camera Guy Was like come on JJ...stop that bulls'it

  • Delay Zz
    Delay Zz

    i didnt relize Tobi had a big nose

  • motorcycle fan341
    motorcycle fan341


  • Cat Facts
    Cat Facts

    WhAt's GoiNg On, WhY aM I doInG The SpliTs

  • Weena Leah Buelos
    Weena Leah Buelos

    Really I just got back from the other side

  • Your Uso
    Your Uso

    Yo....why is randy not active so much...i mean he can lose some weight by running and playing football

  • Mikey Bosley
    Mikey Bosley

    Eathans stretch marks baby

  • LoovlehCuppaTea

    11:50 the 1% Nigerian part coming out

  • Vivek Sidhdhapura
    Vivek Sidhdhapura

    The camera man at back gave up to 19:31 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Bonnie Bonnie
    Bonnie Bonnie

    The young light understandably flood because state consistently sack amid a instinctive butane. imminent, longing bomb

  • Eldin Grajçevci
    Eldin Grajçevci

    6:42 I almost shi* myself


    Every time KSi says sidemen I hear simon

  • Fortnite Boi
    Fortnite Boi

    The near shell firstly behave because exclamation synthetically shave like a bad event. sloppy, equable hope

  • T00T0sty

    The spot that was on one of the lenses when they were working out kinda got me I kept trying to wipe it of I thought it was on my screen

  • Mr.Monkeyfox

    KSI thinking he is being smart for putting on water weight before the weigh in... everyone else doing it with additional food Lol love the vids guys, been hooked since i saw the vids.

  • Sigmar Marinósson
    Sigmar Marinósson


  • Elvar Ágúst Andrason
    Elvar Ágúst Andrason


  • Caleb Lancaster
    Caleb Lancaster

    is it just me or did i realise that everyone gained weight during lockdown from the most weight gained video, like everyone gained at least 1 kilo or 2

  • Olek Yurkievych
    Olek Yurkievych

    Vik best striker

  • justez witika
    justez witika

    Ethan looked sick 23:49

  • Blake Wilson
    Blake Wilson

    They should have just worn the most layers they could and go in a sauna

  • Osman Asif
    Osman Asif

    19:37 And we thought just was an amazing boxer

  • Muhammad Ibrahim
    Muhammad Ibrahim

    17:50 😂😂😂😂

  • MysteriousKyle

    The moment Harry pops up like I’ve just woke up made me and my tattoo artist laugh so much

  • dan popper
    dan popper

    Bet Logan made a dis track about KSI being scared

  • Anung Un Rama
    Anung Un Rama


  • Volatile Smoke
    Volatile Smoke

    The thumbnail is gold

  • Why Are You So Noob
    Why Are You So Noob

    the official 1/4th click bait…even youtube should bait em with the 1/4th pay lmao

  • KodeSkope


  • A B C D
    A B C D

    3:31 Me every time I come home from school

  • A B C D
    A B C D

    3:30 Me every time I come home from school

  • Flynn Johnstone
    Flynn Johnstone


  • Captainfundy☻シ


  • Wordpress My Site
    Wordpress My Site

    Lol I watched it for two nights when I’m tired and I got a job yesterday & I won $3000 lottery today from online lottery company

  • Drunken Mezha
    Drunken Mezha

    It looked like ksi did wwe Rock introduction

  • Luke Nash
    Luke Nash

    why is the goalie afraid of the ball

  • ☭Onderdaan Zwabbah☭
    ☭Onderdaan Zwabbah☭


  • FaTaL Gtr
    FaTaL Gtr

    Is it just me, or in these football segments does Callux always act like billy big balls, but he's always awful? Never performs.

  • Daniel Dawbin
    Daniel Dawbin

    Only 4 weetbix trash

  • Christian Owen
    Christian Owen

    KSI is literally hilarious

  • stupid human
    stupid human


  • Harrison Walters
    Harrison Walters

    Love how the sidemen all have modern scales then there’s Harry with scales from the 1700s 😂

  • lalruatsanga thlauhthang
    lalruatsanga thlauhthang

    19:25 JJ didn't afraid to box men but afraid height and scream like a girl 🤣🤣🤣

    • GT

      like everyone else who’s afraid of heights….

  • Homer McDonut
    Homer McDonut

    18:38theres just a peepee on the wall😭

  • soccer god
    soccer god

    I weigh the same as a Vik and I'm only 12 and I am not fat just muscle


    That was the slowest football match ever

  • qura's amv
    qura's amv

    KSI: I'm the best LTwhite boxer (aka an amazing athlete) Also JJ: *screams like he's dying on a little obstacle course

  • Mahamed Abshir Mahamed
    Mahamed Abshir Mahamed

    this vid called me fat cuz if vikk and tobi are 64kg and they are 26 and 28 and im 13!!!

  • NSD Cperk
    NSD Cperk

    It’s so funny how Ethan is crying the whole vid abt his toe

  • Daniel The Default Boi TV
    Daniel The Default Boi TV

    I went to the exact same go ape for a trip in year 7

  • Aimee B
    Aimee B

    In the thumbnail the first picture is not photoshopped it is totally real

  • short asf
    short asf

    that graceful “wake up” was absolutely amazing jj brava