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  • Bob Ingaz
    Bob Ingaz

    What did Harry say at 14:15

  • Rng Apex
    Rng Apex

    Tobi getting violated 35:04

  • AE Tonni Music
    AE Tonni Music

    Yo vikk Is going in fam😥 Vikk: "father I crave violence"

  • I’m an Alcoholic
    I’m an Alcoholic

    Who else just hates ksi?🖕🏿🖕🏿

  • Brody Allen
    Brody Allen

    3rd girl was clueless😂

  • Abby Benczenleitner
    Abby Benczenleitner


  • 0lli33 011
    0lli33 011

    The disclaimer to this didnt age too well did it

  • Abby Benczenleitner
    Abby Benczenleitner


  • Diddly Squat
    Diddly Squat


  • Abby Benczenleitner
    Abby Benczenleitner


  • Abby Benczenleitner
    Abby Benczenleitner


  • Oscar Handley
    Oscar Handley

    What did Ethan say when chunkz was singing.

  • Ethan Michael
    Ethan Michael

    chunks is smoothhhhh omg

  • Brayan Lopez
    Brayan Lopez

    What did Harry Pinero say at 14:14 ?

  • Aydin Cebe
    Aydin Cebe

    We need a part 2 for this. It was too jokes🤣

  • sayan sana
    sayan sana

    The rigid exclamation medicinally knock because october intriguinly bruise down a outrageous rifle. bloody, cloudy signature

  • Paco Bhangal
    Paco Bhangal

    The loving salary historically breathe because fighter delightfully bounce qua a helpless relish. brainy, unsuitable marimba

  • Landon Grady
    Landon Grady

    Does anyone know at least some of the background music used if not all of them?

  • Not Jesus
    Not Jesus

    Vik Is Jack the Ripper of our Time

  • Alfo Beats 1212
    Alfo Beats 1212

    Dang 1mil likes

  • Darnelle Williams
    Darnelle Williams

    Harry was ruthless

  • Matthew Cieciura
    Matthew Cieciura

    Filly done a mad one😂😂 CLAPPED😬🤣

  • D Are
    D Are

    Waking up everyone in the household watching this at 2am 🤣🤣

  • Humayra Akber
    Humayra Akber

    Vik I can’t- 😂😭

  • Humayra Akber
    Humayra Akber

    The funniest thing I’ve watched in a while 😂

  • Humayra Akber
    Humayra Akber

    He did it 😂 every girl he got swiped by 🥺

  • dahyo

    the fact that when filly called that girl clapped when she was one of the prettiest ones is just- LMAOOO

  • Muhammad Nabil
    Muhammad Nabil

    Both Harry were really funny

  • Kaitlyn

    I’ve only just clocked it was Tobi who stole JJ’s wallet to give to Chunkz for the last girl

  • Robert Harrison
    Robert Harrison


  • Ethan Chanter
    Ethan Chanter

    What’s Harry’s marshalar one I don’t get it

  • lemmy crackle
    lemmy crackle

    Simp 47:06

  • C B
    C B

    i get second hand embarrassment from toby

  • Robert Harrison
    Robert Harrison

    We need a part 2 of this same group

  • e10

    bro I HOPE the third girl was acting and got paid bank for it because if not, this video is PURE GOLD

  • Icy Eyes
    Icy Eyes

    Chunkz is a legend. I dunno what Viks intentions was. But that one girl Ally was looking desperatee

  • Drew Porter Is a QT
    Drew Porter Is a QT

    Vik woke up and felt like violating

  • Nbz Ahm
    Nbz Ahm

    Its tinder, your suppose to move to them not cuss them. Wtf?

    • Kleidi Ymeri
      Kleidi Ymeri

      It’s not tinder

  • Meghan Williams
    Meghan Williams

    Does anyone have the link to ethans tshirt?

  • jack akehurst
    jack akehurst

    “she’s in our demographic” killed me

  • Zack Rodgers
    Zack Rodgers

    Tobi at 17:14. MY GUY!

  • Mak The Shonen
    Mak The Shonen

    Filly’s laugh at 14:20 kills me every time 😂☠️

  • Kristian Poulsen
    Kristian Poulsen

    why is vikk still in the sidemen?

  • Crazy Or Amazing vids
    Crazy Or Amazing vids

    new to this, so these guys are just pricks or it's this video?

  • H.

    What’s the third girl her instagram ?

  • El Rolbanito
    El Rolbanito

    18:05 the moment simon left the world 😂

  • Ulryk Laperrière
    Ulryk Laperrière

    I dont know where 3/10 get their confidence from

  • Zeqtra TheKing
    Zeqtra TheKing

    33:40 look on top on jj

    • bowen voowy
      bowen voowy

      Man the presence alone😂

  • Hazem Kh
    Hazem Kh

    14:34 someone explain please !!! CC or anything

    • bowen voowy
      bowen voowy

      The stormy canada fittingly rain because keyboarding selectively irritate onto a mighty lip. outstanding, vulgar cherry

  • Jaguar Eagle
    Jaguar Eagle

    32:00 That line is legendary

  • mercy oyeniyi
    mercy oyeniyi

    ally: KSI idk who KSI?? his subs: 👀🤭

  • Zade Talal
    Zade Talal

    IG CARMEL ???

  • Zade Talal
    Zade Talal

    Carmel IG please ???

  • Zade Talal
    Zade Talal

    Carmel ig please???

  • gil Shoresh
    gil Shoresh

    Mad funny

  • Cloud9

    I wish I had their accent

  • J

    Id like to see them use these pick up lines on dudes

  • King Tk
    King Tk

    KSI and vhicks goal in these videos is to be dropping mad roasts fam

  • Sho Union
    Sho Union

    JJ: I am KSI - Wamen swam Ksi: I am JJ Odjladebt - TLDR

  • Farai Burr
    Farai Burr

    Please do this again this is so good

  • Ali Ahmed
    Ali Ahmed

    Best video to date

  • Aaron Nerella
    Aaron Nerella

    Amy is bad ya know

  • Mihaela Dulic
    Mihaela Dulic

    the third girl probably never used tinder before

  • tvx gamer
    tvx gamer

    The stormy canada fittingly rain because keyboarding selectively irritate onto a mighty lip. outstanding, vulgar cherry

  • Baba Tunde
    Baba Tunde

    Man the presence alone😂

  • Abood Sadleh
    Abood Sadleh

    Kai should go in a restaurant and say I'm KSI I wanna see if he will get free food 😂

  • fnpc_ggsbabyy stavros
    fnpc_ggsbabyy stavros

    Harry always has his hands on someone

  • fnpc_ggsbabyy stavros
    fnpc_ggsbabyy stavros

    Filly and the other two wear a really great pic I hope to see them in the future

  • fnpc_ggsbabyy stavros
    fnpc_ggsbabyy stavros

    Is it just me or does he has his hand around someone all times

  • Targeted Victim
    Targeted Victim

    The dutch government and dutch media, and an enormous amount of youtubers have been scattering my personal information over the internet for 3 years. They torture me and gangstalk me on a daily basis. They intimidate me with police cars. I want my privacy and human rights back now! assa

    • Harry Leask
      Harry Leask


  • Patricia Amodu
    Patricia Amodu

    there were bare violations in this video

  • Aaron Voorheis
    Aaron Voorheis

    36:46 had me on the ground

  • Tefutsal

    Can anybody send me ally’s Instagram not because I hate her she just looks good 😌

    • wondrs 愛
      wondrs 愛


    • Harry Leask
      Harry Leask

      Yeah that brother starving

  • Gilles E
    Gilles E

    She wasn't clapped, but it was funny af

  • Elvis Elton
    Elvis Elton

    Tbh i also don't know who ksi is

  • Aqib Khan.
    Aqib Khan.

    Harry’s inner muslim has shown

  • Георги Георгиев
    Георги Георгиев

    10:38 🐵🐵🐵🐵/🐱

  • J Bluey
    J Bluey

    subscribe to my yt. SHARE IT. GONNA be creating more OLD JJ skit relatables

  • Amir Alloghani
    Amir Alloghani

    What’s ally IG?

  • Akisha Morris
    Akisha Morris

    Does anyone else notice the “5”11 problems” above jj💀 33:40

  • Nabeel Khan
    Nabeel Khan

    Get TGFbro

  • Jenish Saru Magar
    Jenish Saru Magar


  • Maximilian Brozio
    Maximilian Brozio

    I´m KSI wtffffff

  • Supreme Itachi
    Supreme Itachi

    Imma need Carmel’s @

  • A J
    A J

    Chunkz is goated

  • Rob Shah
    Rob Shah

    HP a real one. 42:07, he leans on the 'N' after Toby makes the joke about him being short and HP leaning on him

  • abigail z
    abigail z

    Dam i just wathed for almost an hour

  • Fatihah Bhatti
    Fatihah Bhatti

    Toby when he stares at the camera 😂

  • Skywars God Lol
    Skywars God Lol


  • Skywars God Lol
    Skywars God Lol


  • Skywars God Lol
    Skywars God Lol


  • S and G
    S and G

    TBF, we need more from this group. This was lit.

  • Aaron Green
    Aaron Green

    First line and Ksi busses in with ‘discharge’ 😂😂😂

  • Iris A
    Iris A

    What did he say at 9:18?

    • Iris A
      Iris A

      @Jxxdxn what does that mean?

    • Jxxdxn


  • Rob Shah
    Rob Shah

    The amount of times, I had to Pause, because I couldn't take the smoke coming through the screen. These man woke up and chose violence. Elite Collab

  • Fizzle Pizz
    Fizzle Pizz

    No joke I watched this 4 times now

  • M !!
    M !!

    This video is a banger but next time do it with Niko

  • XD

    More more more pls

  • The Unboxing Guy
    The Unboxing Guy

    I tried the “I’m KSI” line, but it didn’t work.

  • Max Josefsson
    Max Josefsson

    what did the ill be honest clapped mean?