SIDEMEN $10,000 vs $100 MUKBANG
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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)


🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)

🔴 JJ (KSI)

🔵 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 SIMON (Miniminter)

  • Joshua Register
    Joshua Register

    😨 watching this right now after Vinnie Hacker actually beat Deji

  • Ulrik Strand
    Ulrik Strand

    I need friends like this. I am so jealous. Also, i feel so bad for Ethan!

  • only pain
    only pain

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  • Ace H
    Ace H

    Too easy

  • Front Row Videos
    Front Row Videos

    Harry drinking in a bin killed me 😂

  • Kateřina Kubová
    Kateřina Kubová

    i have not laught this much in ages

  • Small Black Man
    Small Black Man

    1:02:36 turn on subtitles

  • Thhomas Ssmith
    Thhomas Ssmith

    The staking collar generally rob because hyacinth regretfully reach qua a possible pumpkin. thundering, shaky slime

  • John

    13:01 I love how KSI almost acts offended when they said Deji probably could be Ben Askren and not that he would beat him, it shows he still loves and has faith in him

  • Tyler Crosby
    Tyler Crosby

    I have watched this multiple times and each time I feel bad for Ethan. This man is always on the bad team in these videos. I feel like when they have there brain storming sessions and someone brings up another video with the same style as the other ones, he's probably the only one that wants to veto the idea.

  • Yash Sharma
    Yash Sharma

    this is more like $10000 vs $100 vs $1 instant noodle at 3am me

  • Mary Munoz
    Mary Munoz


  • Komeoww

    The bartender guy in the back is holding back his laughter the entire time

  • Air 4
    Air 4

    Jk jj

  • Air 4
    Air 4

    Rewatching this and can’t believe they put a 1trillion ton fatneek in a bin 😂

  • Ahad Mohammed
    Ahad Mohammed

    1:08:48 1:07:04 - 1:07:43

  • But are you sure though
    But are you sure though


  • Skatez555

    Totally aped for the food ,lol

  • Andre

    its fun to see jj get bullied

  • Zi Hui
    Zi Hui

    Imagine being asleep at night but hearing this in the hallway 6:03 - 6:10

  • Mr Class6969
    Mr Class6969

    The bin is the real MVP of this video

  • Funmilayo David
    Funmilayo David

    Respect for Vikks Good manners to simon and the beef

  • Ryan Kavanagh
    Ryan Kavanagh

    Someone here has to feel bad for Ethan because he’s always on the bad team

  • Sopheea V
    Sopheea V

    I can’t lie I hope JJ gets quite a few bad vacations or the bad side in the future hahaha. He’s a bit cocky and I feel like he wouldn’t be able to handle it lmao

  • Ray

    im not a beee


    Bruh seeing jk laugh makes me laugh 2


      I meant jj

  • victor leal
    victor leal

    Lol I'm only at the beggining still but I love how Tobi is being nice ahaha

  • MattyG

    Who’s here after deji got his arse handed too him

  • Anjushree Sunil
    Anjushree Sunil

    JJ'S laugh gets everyone 🤣😂

  • it's Amil
    it's Amil

    What song was that?

  • Bmw._e30

    I love this video

  • rara Rara
    rara Rara


  • Assad Idzhazovich
    Assad Idzhazovich

    I feel for ethan 😞. He always gets his name in the bad team

  • Cameron Reith
    Cameron Reith

    Ethan really pisses me off lol

  • Omar Aljaberi
    Omar Aljaberi

    59:19 isn't the waiter the guy in beta squad video the convicted one ?!?!?!?!!?!?!

  • Juan Copca
    Juan Copca

    fu ksi

  • kimberly heart
    kimberly heart

    i love them all together, talking about their future and just everyone being a big family so cute!

  • Megeal David
    Megeal David

    No homo JJ make my day lol

  • Diego Vega
    Diego Vega

    1:07:07 😂😂

  • maxifn

    can confirm the yoga thing is real

  • Oscar Keatley
    Oscar Keatley

    Well they got two out of three right, deji might have went to McDonald’s one too many times 😂

  • Cmon Cmon
    Cmon Cmon

    simon is the most dislikable and borint person i think i’ve seen

  • NickBlazer

    48:40 Vik's reaction here is so genuine XD

  • Bhargav Joshi
    Bhargav Joshi

    34:32 the love in his eyess

  • Kaden gaming
    Kaden gaming

    This turned into a podcast

  • Kryfer

    The bartender looks like a male version of greta thunberg smiling in the background

  • Luka Valjan
    Luka Valjan

    Im sorry for jj

  • EatSlowly

    Honestly haven't laughed that hard in over a year

    • Jack Jr360
      Jack Jr360

      and now u will wait another 10 years

  • Rahul Rajbhar
    Rahul Rajbhar

    How to waste $10,000

    • EnigmaticError

      Not your money or something lol


    Harry ,vik and Ethan enjoying their mukbang 🤣 more than jj ,tobi simon, josh

  • Roman Bear
    Roman Bear

    54:25 Logan Paul and Jake Paul taking out the trash

  • Kalianna Soth
    Kalianna Soth

    JJ can get so fcken weird

  • Dr. Quriosity
    Dr. Quriosity

    5 years of videos 😀

  • Ch1p Tips
    Ch1p Tips


  • marc cram
    marc cram

    54:10 respect to Jake Paul for being in a sidemen Sunday

  • edg810

    Red Team! Red Team! Red Team! Red Team! Red Team!

  • Ephrem Berhanu
    Ephrem Berhanu

    People like KSI is why Robin hood existed back in the days

  • Ashley Johann
    Ashley Johann

    My school actually did this when I was in like 6th grade. They chose 5% of our class to sit at the nice table and everyone else sat on the door with steamed rice for a meal as we watched everyone eat. They stated it was to show how little some have while others are blessed.

  • ouemi

    Isn’t a hundred dollars meal still really good🤨

  • holly devers
    holly devers

    No youtubers create content like the sidemen do, humour always in every video never fails My favourites always 🙌🏼🤣

  • Loli Hunter-_-
    Loli Hunter-_-

    Sharing Teamwork Grateful Sacrificing Smart Trading That’s basically sums up poor team lol

  • Joseph 2
    Joseph 2

    Harry in the bin is great

  • Ramosoeu Sekati
    Ramosoeu Sekati

    Bruh, Ethan is down baaaaadddd. He's never experienced the good life.

  • Infinity 101
    Infinity 101

    Who noticed the waiter in the background looking over JJ's shoulder when JJ was watching yoga?

  • Ꮆᴏᴊᴏ Ꭶᴀᴛᴏʀᴜ
    Ꮆᴏᴊᴏ Ꭶᴀᴛᴏʀᴜ

    how about Vikk vs Jame Charles

  • Loida Arr
    Loida Arr

    The phobic llama immunohistochemically sip because stew surely travel atop a noiseless trick. violent, paltry nut

  • MaskedElite Gaming
    MaskedElite Gaming

    Anyone else die from watching 1:07:04?

  • xXdarebearXxYT

    59:51 the bartender just popped out



  • Om Chaudhari
    Om Chaudhari

    I love ksi smile ❤️❤️

  • _ HXRRYH11
    _ HXRRYH11

    is it just me josh ain’t even funny he is just jarring

  • Niyi Ayedun
    Niyi Ayedun

    Imagine a friend saying “calm” to dropping $250 each

  • GFXNanda

    Why dies Harry look big in the thumbnail?

  • 12AliCat6

    Harry lobbing the whole sorbet into his mouth xD

  • Susan Malla
    Susan Malla

    38:12 😂😂😂

  • Not-_-Onyx

    KSI: I'll be good looking at 50 Everyone Else: *Starts Laughing

  • just dab
    just dab

    God loves u. 🥰 Jesus is king.🥰 no hate🥰

    • Da Contradiction
      Da Contradiction


  • SC Vānēllōpē
    SC Vānēllōpē

    tida dpt yg makanan mewah tus koyakk tu yg group sblah

  • Imperial Streak 2151
    Imperial Streak 2151

    Ethan in these types of videos: *Gas a breakdown*

  • Imperial Streak 2151
    Imperial Streak 2151

    Ethan: “EASYHOTEL, AND NOW THIS!!!” Also Ethan: *flashbacks to the first $100000 vs $100 video*

  • Jacobe_888


  • Nicole Evans
    Nicole Evans

    I can't believe that it was vik first

  • JAAZ G
    JAAZ G

    Bartender in the back like : 😏

  • Jacobe_888


  • Jordan Lobo
    Jordan Lobo

    wait a second, hundred dollars is a lot SURELY it can purchase more than 6 pieces of bread and 3 crabsticks

  • Vaisakh


  • Simal K
    Simal K

    1:17:31 is where the helium bit starts 😂 thank me later

  • Ella Collins
    Ella Collins

    no one: the waiter: 😏

  • hfjd

    jj's laughing in rich at 6:12

  • Liquid is weird
    Liquid is weird

    JJ is part of a secret geese cult because of his laugh

  • Reiss Franchetti
    Reiss Franchetti

    This is one of the funniest videos I’ve seen in my life

  • Hero One Piece, King of Manga & Anime.
    Hero One Piece, King of Manga & Anime.

  • Hero One Piece, King of Manga & Anime.
    Hero One Piece, King of Manga & Anime.

  • JustARandomPlayer 2
    JustARandomPlayer 2

    honestly how many likes should we slam a video for the sidemen to redo the try not to laugh helium version

  • Mushromus

    The funniest and most wholesome thing in this video is when Toby says "Thats my guy" to ethan eating all his mac n cheese xd

  • tonka paza
    tonka paza

    Can u guys do more videos like this