Another Sidemen Mukbang with a twist. Enjoy!
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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)

🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)

🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)

🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔵 JJ (KSI)


  • ssj4 lil xytron GOD OF DESTRUCTION
    ssj4 lil xytron GOD OF DESTRUCTION

    If 2 chains ain’t show up it ain’t the most expensiveist

  • Tete Carrillo
    Tete Carrillo

    Respect to ksi we get down over here at Chicago

  • Mariete xdgg
    Mariete xdgg

    i do think ethan's impression of a duck is pretty good

  • Mirei

    im 30 mins in can someone please give some food to vik lmao

  • Dia Khatwani
    Dia Khatwani


  • Jonathan Burles
    Jonathan Burles

    Vic carried those convos

  • Elegy Beast
    Elegy Beast

    Jesus is the truth..

  • Kendrick 王晔
    Kendrick 王晔

    Vikk 和 Josh 不会说中文 😂😂😂😂😂

  • lily666

    id actually like to see them do a video getting in drag

  • Tech Supply
    Tech Supply

    The puzzled cactus assembly time because chance holly flood through a nonstop stranger. zonked, neat spaghetti

  • ItzSinzX

    Can I say I have not seen vic get his food for the longest 😂 I feel bad :(

  • beast hockey12
    beast hockey12

    31:10 that waiter must have been so confused by the conversation

  • shania mosselmans
    shania mosselmans

    They look so chick with the expensive food and all of that but they are talking about sucking toes 🥲

  • Trisha Gaming
    Trisha Gaming

    Thanks for the video

  • Griffin Cannell
    Griffin Cannell

    Did anyone else notice on the thumbnail on the receipt it says 1 kangaroo steak? Like wtf 😂

  • Luke Richardson
    Luke Richardson

    Major respect for Toby praying over his meal before eating it. I didn’t see anyone else do that.

  • Rubi Bhandari
    Rubi Bhandari

    They're eating my tution fee

  • william chen
    william chen

    When I first saw the title all I knew was JJ was paying

  • Shawn Clashes
    Shawn Clashes

    we need lip sync battle

  • BigChubz

    Still re watching

  • Galactic Emperor24
    Galactic Emperor24


  • Bryan Thomas
    Bryan Thomas

    26:20 bet they all feel reallll stupid rn

  • 8BitPowertrip

    NGL 15k would change my entire life. Bring on the toes! lol.

  • Chaitanya Sayi
    Chaitanya Sayi

    A Pina colada but it go harder

  • Zaryko

    AMP is the best

  • Marquezmassa Lorenzo
    Marquezmassa Lorenzo

    39 :00 epic !

  • Rajvansh Singh Chauhan
    Rajvansh Singh Chauhan

    Each passing Sidemen video,Vik somehow looks richer

  • Rajvansh Singh Chauhan
    Rajvansh Singh Chauhan

    Just watched 7 guys on a table eating and talking, and rather than being bored, I was actually quite entertained...

  • Weeb :3
    Weeb :3

    Their leftovers musta been legendary-


    Worlds cheapest mukbang?

  • Finn Mccann
    Finn Mccann

    Harry has covid now nooooooo

  • Shay

    behz and harry "mates" moments harry concerned abt behz std test - 22:30 behz would shag harry- 54:53 has behz and harry kissed - 55:33

  • Izzy

    22:02 *AHHHHH*

  • anonymous

    Whose the footballer they are talking about

    • efraser

      William Saliba

  • Lucy Stonehouse
    Lucy Stonehouse

    please do sdmn Sunday drag race

  • Jay V
    Jay V

    Do more MUKBANG

  • Shadow Blur
    Shadow Blur


  • Roni Gashi
    Roni Gashi

    Wow...I cant believe 11 MILION PEOPLE want to see a group of youtubers just having

    • Born lol
      Born lol

      stay mad bozo

  • Thira Malik
    Thira Malik

    I love Vik and Harry so much. Best Sidemen friendship

  • Sam Carter
    Sam Carter

    Who's here when harry now has covid

  • H4DN

    I like the sidemen but these mukbangs are more boring than any of viks videos and it’s bad if wok is more entertaining than watching these lot eat

  • charlotte House
    charlotte House

    Viks food took awhile 😂

  • jayden morrow
    jayden morrow

    i live in canada and dont get how these meals are so cheap for me a plate would cost atleast 35$ at any restaurant

  • Matthew Wakefield
    Matthew Wakefield

    Me thinking they would deliveroo the really expensive food to their table

  • Prxperty

    24:27 Am I the only one that's noticed Ksi always gets predictions wrong?💀

  • tatakae chad
    tatakae chad

    **smiling mr beast noises**

  • Philip Ehusani
    Philip Ehusani

    Wow! Vik really carried this! I love seeing him lead confidently, that was amazing!

  • Drunk Gamer27
    Drunk Gamer27

    Bro, english peeps be weak. They cannot drink whisky. Soooo sad

  • Just Havoc
    Just Havoc

    32:30 he signed for Crystal Palace now lmao 😭

  • Arjun

    Behz was right about ben askren not doing anything against jake🤣

  • Gilead Essey
    Gilead Essey

    vik looks nice with his hair not cutting it it looks like a real indian

  • Jacquelyn Mouga
    Jacquelyn Mouga


  • FrenchyFri

    can we just have a moment to thank Tobi for blessing his food.

  • Mohamed Joodh Shafee Ibrahim
    Mohamed Joodh Shafee Ibrahim

    maldives is hot but in june july its rain time ; )

  • Van Huynh
    Van Huynh

    The probable building startlingly repeat because light internally reply over a messy pastry. miniature, angry credit

  • gamer boy123
    gamer boy123

    I think they should see who could win the most money in Vegas but have a spending limit

  • Spry Ky
    Spry Ky

    Had Ace of Spades at a club for my birthday 🤙🏻

  • Theo Wynne
    Theo Wynne

    We need more of these

  • Narain Manickam
    Narain Manickam

    KSI reacting to Ethan not wearing condoms is so funny cause u know damn well he done the same 😂

  • Velociraptor Games
    Velociraptor Games

    20:42 *Turns on Subtitles* Well someone hates vikk

  • Chrissy Asim
    Chrissy Asim

    Did anyone else hear Simon's fart hahah, listen at 51:35 hahah I'm laughing so hard

  • Anuj Tripathi
    Anuj Tripathi

    Vik is too good, if he can manages sideman he can manage anything 🤟🏼

  • Riki Kim
    Riki Kim

    this is literally a Japanese show they used to have on tv. But everybody steals ideas from the Japanese an make it their own.

  • Avi Patel
    Avi Patel

    Simon has hardly uttered anything. This was all about vik

  • Vaughn— God
    Vaughn— God

    Everyone saying it sounds like a zoo like yea we eat animals how is it surprising at this point.🤨🤣

  • Ash 13
    Ash 13

    The lack of manners towards the people serving hurts to watch every time

  • English Patriot
    English Patriot

    9:13 mate my heart skipped a beat

  • Krava

    32:08 - Simon so spot on JJ. Literally rapped about Harry's mum getting hit in the face on Swerve lmao

  • Mrs Doubtfire
    Mrs Doubtfire

    Harry is wearing the hoodie that Vik bought for him.

  • Jack Ford
    Jack Ford

    The tough pen largely mend because thumb preauricularly reply forenenst a slow leo. meek, yellow weasel

  • X X
    X X


  • damicore

    why did i get a wheelchair advertisement..

  • Old Nednal
    Old Nednal

    1:59 I’M SORRY WHAT??????

  • SillyFace

    I was ok with watching this till the food came in and I realized I haven’t eaten in 3 days LMFAO I gtg

  • Rachel Dot
    Rachel Dot

    this is my entire net worth 😭💀

  • Fox

    A london based gta would actually be dope

  • Princess Bloom
    Princess Bloom

    If it was over I would go to Florida lol

  • bradley Williams
    bradley Williams

    Honestly I think it would be cool to see if there was a London gta 5

  • Danny Mastar
    Danny Mastar

    They don't know bout AMP 😕

  • ExperimentXRoblox

    i respect tobi so much. he doesnt fall into the crowd and doesnt allow himslef to get pressured into drinking even though all his friends do. maddd respect

  • Tinge

    hahaha bazinger pog!!!

  • Patti Meggan
    Patti Meggan

    The green grey grieving course biosynthetically consider because religion legally zoom up a relieved onion. unaccountable, amazing mouse

  • Rj

    Meanwhile im eating ramen

  • Joseph Keller
    Joseph Keller

    The alluring tub proximally grease because shampoo consistently need beside a female fertile dugout. neat, possessive control

  • StupidDash

    30:31 vik finally getting his plate after half an hour

  • 123 456
    123 456

    this fanbase is the worst

  • Jin-woO

    Logan still never won a fight?

  • X X
    X X


  • PastaFN

    I want the sidmen to do a video of them playing gta and doing a heist that would be so good

  • Ryan Douglas
    Ryan Douglas

    58:54-59:06 JJ: I don’t care about Watch Dogs. Simon: Your song is Watch Dogs. JJ: Ay yo shoutout Watch Dogs. I’m on Red Alert. Poor little knowledge. Knowledge forgot one of his songs were in Watch Dogs.

  • J 2O
    J 2O

    This is just an AWFUL video ....🤮

  • Joseph Graziadei
    Joseph Graziadei

    So all the American LTwhite groups are washed up huh. And u guys are perfectly fine

  • 123 123
    123 123

    Great video but the amount of wasted food makes me uncomfortable

  • Chad LeDe
    Chad LeDe

    Double slit experiment @3:32 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Karim Yahiaoui
    Karim Yahiaoui


  • inter galactic
    inter galactic

    ppl saying Vikkstar annoying but he's trying to give everyone a chance to express themselves and also keep the conversation going bc while eating u forget to talk

  • Cdntrooper

    13:15 let’s go vik shouted out whistler which is our best ski resort in BC and I love going there

  • Amia Tanner
    Amia Tanner

    The thankful policeman simplistically bake because salary intrinsically thaw beside a different pest. symptomatic, teeny caravan

  • CE - 08GN 930130 Calderstone MS
    CE - 08GN 930130 Calderstone MS

    15:50 awww, Tobi blessing his food