The Sidemen take on The Wheel! Enjoy!
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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)


🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)

🔴 JJ (KSI)

🔵 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 SIMON (Miniminter)

  • unknown guest
    unknown guest

    genuinely thought Steven was a real host PHENOMENAL hosting, set and editing!!

  • ROBOTAIM Zamlies
    ROBOTAIM Zamlies

    why the sidemen becomes tv?

  • Charlie Creal
    Charlie Creal

    Niko the Neek

  • Schmitty

    Should’ve been Harry on MDMA not MMA smh

  • Kenzo Marghem
    Kenzo Marghem

    Does Niko hate Ethan or something, because he only picks Ethan as red?

  • Rocco Films
    Rocco Films

    Everyone: Stephen tries is great Me: no, he is good

  • Idkwiad

    Ethan’s trim looks sharp af in this banger

  • Will Blase
    Will Blase

    Stephen makes a great game show host!

  • Epicsandmore24

    Stephen: "All of the wheel got it right".. Everyone: "Huh, actually yes, yes we did"

  • zero.exe-

    ksi on every topic: im abt to end this mans whole career

  • frijole_24

    I was screaming at the screen when he said Budweiser😂

  • Is 7Up Okay
    Is 7Up Okay

    That’s an incredible stage

  • Jenny C
    Jenny C

    JJ is king of meme

  • Ricardo YT
    Ricardo YT

    Lol i am late but at 23:15, even though the photograph for the distracted boyfriend was taken in 2015 the meme only started in 2017, so he was right.

  • ali raid
    ali raid

    Pankration was an organisation not a martial art yo

  • Terrell Fernandes
    Terrell Fernandes


  • Thomaas Ssmith
    Thomaas Ssmith

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  • Metka Planinšek
    Metka Planinšek


  • Nathan Miller Video
    Nathan Miller Video

    I've watched that intro like 30 times. Excellent guys!

  • MoinMeister _
    MoinMeister _

    Stephen is actually such a good and funny host lmao get him on TV

  • k.blesswin Gamer
    k.blesswin Gamer

    That's what my face also 43:57

  • Elias Tackaert
    Elias Tackaert

    We need a part two of the weel

  • RuhrohRaggy

    The distracted boyfriend one was a trick question. The guy took the photo in 2015 but didnt post it until 2017.

    • Jake Collen
      Jake Collen

      ok cool? but the question isn’t wrong. it says what year we’re we introduced to it, not when it was taken

  • Raheel Matloob
    Raheel Matloob

    niko is so arrogant

  • Andy Thompson
    Andy Thompson

    Shouldn't it be Harry on mdma?

  • arjun nakramoni
    arjun nakramoni

    I loved this.

  • Muhammad Taha
    Muhammad Taha

    the fact that jj said look it in instead of lock it in 48:49 😂

  • BeenPosted

    my cheeks deadass clenched waiting for the answer

  • Ahmed Amouna
    Ahmed Amouna

    Plz make part 2

  • Tony Basterrechea
    Tony Basterrechea

    Yo can we take a moment an appreciate what a class act Cal was at the end to give 10k to the host and the other contestants. Wow a true unselfish great act of kindness a proper kind gesture that he in no way needed to do. Not sure who else would even do that or even if the players would have. Round of applause for that man! Im a fan for sure now. Also when he said the last 3 experts names, Josh, Simon and Vik. I've watched them play other games and Josh is a solid pick and smart man. And I would have picked him too. To be fair he couldn't have got luckier. Like Vik is a no brainer, Simon is very smart and Josh as well. So is Tobi and I've seen Harry have his moments.

  • Tony Basterrechea
    Tony Basterrechea

    They totally rigged it with the Prime Minister's category. He should have never said anything.

  • Tony Basterrechea
    Tony Basterrechea

    My 1 and only complaint would be to just shorten the music when they are spinning around to pick the judge or expert. Like when they go gold. The just too long. Like the music literally stops at one point but then starts up again. It should just stop there for good. That's it my only complaint Other than that, this is absolutely a flawless game show that really needs to be on TV in England/Britain and The U.S.A. It's 20 seconds n should be just 10

  • Bvelasquez 55
    Bvelasquez 55

    Science with jj lol

  • JM GamingTv
    JM GamingTv

    Stephen is just perfect for hosting this.

  • Tony Basterrechea
    Tony Basterrechea

    Dude they legit can have their own show. This idea is brilliant. The show "This is not the Chase" was brilliant. Like this whole production was amazing! I legit thought it was on television. The host was so great! The comedy was perfect. The whole thing so fuckin great!!!! With the fake audience laughs, wasnt corny at all. It worked well. I am utterly blown away! The cameras that they used, Top notch! Stunned how good it is. Wow! These men need to pitch these ideas to major television stations. 36:44 Wait this is actually on live TV and the crowd is real!?! *Omfg! WAY TO FUCKIN GO SIDEMEN!! TALK ABOUT MAKING IT!!! I HAD NO CLUE!*

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star

    I feel like I’m watching television

  • Theodor 136
    Theodor 136

    0:40 Vik ACTUALLY got some muscles

  • Jakebo Vinson
    Jakebo Vinson

    What was the budget for this video

  • Kayden Tavernor
    Kayden Tavernor

    Who puts Harry on MMA after the 20 vs 1

  • Ethan Friederick
    Ethan Friederick

    is it just me or were some of these terribly easy?

  • Louie Knott
    Louie Knott

    GUYS just know they rented it not made it

  • Sam the man
    Sam the man

    This isn't the wheel, it the rinsing of W2S

  • Sam the man
    Sam the man

    Part 2 with WillNE, Max and ChrisMD 🤣🤣

  • Manuelito m
    Manuelito m

    Gotta know ur memes am i right?

  • Ginger Ape
    Ginger Ape

    Why is cal ranting about general hospital so funny

  • Gojo Satouro
    Gojo Satouro

    Science with JJ 🤣🤣🤣

  • Solomon Burda
    Solomon Burda


  • KadeXD

    How was this video not sponsored

  • Marvelnator

    no offense to everyone else, but Stephen carried this video

  • Brian Ring
    Brian Ring

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  • Captain FN
    Captain FN


  • The Horticultural Channel
    The Horticultural Channel

    Harry likes Gardeners' World - come and have a chat about gardening on our channel Harry.

    • zijuiy wttuy
      zijuiy wttuy

      "he's fallen off.." "wheres the eboys?"

  • Declan Cooper
    Declan Cooper

    43:47 ksi inner penny wise

  • Jimmy Ro
    Jimmy Ro

    Wasn’t pancreation a organization

  • Konrad Sjöstrand
    Konrad Sjöstrand

    Niko was hella stupid

  • Hari Srinivas
    Hari Srinivas

    2:06 :hundred thousand pounds with dollar symbol in subtitles

  • Thisath DE SILVA
    Thisath DE SILVA


  • Bruce Cheung
    Bruce Cheung

    i just want to say that JJ's music is really fire

  • _2ez_

    why does jj remind me of IT…

  • Henry M
    Henry M

    Stephen had me dying lmaooo

  • Dasqwerty Qaswerd
    Dasqwerty Qaswerd

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  • Adrien Castaneda
    Adrien Castaneda

    The dances where cringe

  • not merderberger
    not merderberger

    Beta squad and sidemen collab kinda

  • 송가은

    The tightfisted brand fifthly object because indonesia oppositely push times a light steam. inexpensive, wanting chronometer

  • Clement DeCruz
    Clement DeCruz

    Was this actually aired?

  • Yunsha

    Lol that Niko guy is the dumbest cuck i've seen in my entire life.

  • Emmanuel Dique
    Emmanuel Dique

    Can someone please get me in touch with Ethan's barber. Looking fresh mate🔥✊🏾

  • Vencel Szabó
    Vencel Szabó

    52:15 a Barátok közt

  • Filip Bauer
    Filip Bauer

    Even JJ was surprised he was second

  • Kian Olner
    Kian Olner

    I know the regular show has 4, but surely a re creation of mastermind is needed. With Stephen hosting.

  • Ez Moran
    Ez Moran

    55:52 harry is too wholesome

  • muhammed thahin
    muhammed thahin

    mahn i really enjoyed this, steven was amazing!!!!

  • devon engelbrecht
    devon engelbrecht


  • Alex Mercer
    Alex Mercer

    The distracted boyfriend did come out 2017

  • Alex Hassan
    Alex Hassan

    Ethan looks drugged up

    • Alex Hassan
      Alex Hassan

      Not hating I I’ve these wish I had mates like these

  • Tyler Parkes
    Tyler Parkes

    Harry would have done a lot better if he’d have chosen MDMA

    • Kasper Henriksen
      Kasper Henriksen

      Underrated comment

    • zijuiy wttuy
      zijuiy wttuy

      Only just getting round to watching this, Stephen is a legend no doubt

  • Anthony Eretoa
    Anthony Eretoa

    0:48 My guy

  • ShezzaSid

    The production on this is mad! Sidemen have stepped it up! How is this a youtube channel? Also Stephen could be a real game show host he is so good

  • daxter hunter
    daxter hunter

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  • Amia Tanner
    Amia Tanner

    The valuable veterinarian dfly number because gender ganguly prevent but a pumped state. rough, optimal decrease

  • Lil Mosey Snippets
    Lil Mosey Snippets


  • Andrea Hill Cardoza
    Andrea Hill Cardoza

    Im i the only one that looked up the question about the distracted boyfriend meme and realized that niko actually got it right?

  • Brady R
    Brady R

    This was so good

  • Yazasuki

    when josh realized he actually told him the answer - - ----------------------------------------------------------------

  • Regina yun
    Regina yun

    Do they actual get that money?

  • big boy
    big boy

    Tbh I just skipped to all the niko parts

  • Tot_nightrider

    Get Steven a TV show. Listening to his podcast he damn deserves one.

  • The Legend of Tim Dillon
    The Legend of Tim Dillon

    Stephen's smile is genuine. 29:22

  • The Legend of Tim Dillon
    The Legend of Tim Dillon

    No one: Stephen: Let's spin the wheeyle

  • Lucas Stone
    Lucas Stone

    If this was a actually game show I would watch as long as Stephen stays as the host

    • Erin Barker
      Erin Barker

      it is an actual game show ahaha but not with stephen

  • Nite

    please do this again


    how are they able to make such good videos with such good quality while having their main channels. tht is just *amazing* !

  • imJustDoc

    Stephen better have gotten the BAG for that performance

  • Reuben Soriano
    Reuben Soriano

    1:03:04 vik did a india head shake

  • Edward Chen
    Edward Chen


  • Pietro Sgado
    Pietro Sgado

    why do the tunes bang so much though

  • 1joe1bowers

    Mayweathers last fight was Conor McGregor it was a pro bout

    • Sparkz

      Penultimate means 2nd last Manny was 48-0 Berto was 49-0 nd McGregor was 50-0