Lord have mercy Boris can you lift the lockdown ASAP, look what you have driven the sidemen to do for this sidemen sunday, there's scraping the barrel and then there's this...
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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)


🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)

🔴 JJ (KSI)

🔵 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 SIMON (Miniminter)

  • GhostAlone

    I feel so sorry for John after drinking the brine. 200 quids felt very less considering how his and JJ's face was. Hope no one has to do that ever again😂

  • YoungBoy JC
    YoungBoy JC

    So what spices did JJ use

  • YoungBoy JC
    YoungBoy JC

    Oi vik can watch tv and cook Madnesss

  • YoungBoy JC
    YoungBoy JC

    I actually feel so good that JJ loves sushi but salmon especially mans is cool as hell

  • Ellie Cleminson
    Ellie Cleminson

    Drug scales 😂😭

  • lekleklekki

    Harry “I want to be healthy” also Harry wears a doctor pepper shirt

  • Mikkel Brager
    Mikkel Brager

    I swear to god Harry is going to have a house fire if he keeps cooking on his own

  • Ethan Bridglal
    Ethan Bridglal

    Vick makes pouring look like Trigonometry.

  • ADRIAN mikhael
    ADRIAN mikhael

    This is like Hell kitchen

  • ItsExotic

    as a very french person, i can tell u paris rlly aint it bruh

  • bread is nice
    bread is nice

    i love how jj doesnt care about any of the food challenges and just enjoys life lmao

  • TJ Askew
    TJ Askew

    At 3:55 I’m so disappointed he didn’t say akneehow or however it spelt

  • Troubled

    The miscreant interviewer acromegaly succeed because poison virtually challenge afore a well-to-do clutch. defeated, decisive uncle

  • Macy Whyte
    Macy Whyte

    i feel special being from aberdeen

  • Super Nova
    Super Nova

    Can somebody explain why jj is 25% Japanese cuz I don’t get it it doesn’t say that he’s Japanese and even the Asian option is only 0.1 East Asian

  • 灰 :0
    灰 :0

    JJ: i’m trying to think of a Japanese word also JJ: “ *NANIII* ” ✌️

  • Tocka 69
    Tocka 69

    Wait Japan and Germany together doesnt that sound familiar maybe 1945 ww2?

  • Bobby Leckey
    Bobby Leckey


  • Max Borzellino
    Max Borzellino

    The stereotype that Italians only eat pizza and pasta fuxjing kills me of how untrue it is😂😂😂

  • Jeffrey Aguilar
    Jeffrey Aguilar

    Harry:it's a blender not Jesus Ethan:HAHAHAAAHAH

  • Joscha Süß
    Joscha Süß

    I am german and I am offended

  • i FLO
    i FLO

    Ethan about Grandmas boy'd that pan 😂😂


    behz was drunk

  • Vi _XXiV
    Vi _XXiV

    Vik's a proper coconut.

  • Hat Kid's friend lol
    Hat Kid's friend lol

    My favourite sdmn is Ethan bc he is ripped now he uswd to be chubby so well done ethan

  • Lightningbomb14

    who tf puts lemon juice and sugar on a crêpe?

  • Cryptic_ Zynx
    Cryptic_ Zynx

    How do u get a DNA test

  • Banana BoiYT
    Banana BoiYT

    anyone else feel bad for ethan when jj said his meal was dead

  • Moshiur Rahman
    Moshiur Rahman

    This video is evident that: Vikk and Tobi have the brains Ethan has the passion JJ is just lucky to be here Harry is creative Josh is lame Simon is just here to manage the chaos

  • Greg & Forge
    Greg & Forge

    Btw. JJ, when ever Japanese receive food and then thank the person who made it, they say: itadakimasu. That means: “thanks for the food”, “or I receive this food.” And when they finish eating they say: “gochiso sama deshita” which literally means it was quite a feast.


    54:41 that was so wholesome 🥺


    49:10 harry why 😂😂😂

  • Gabriel Iwuchukwu Reichart
    Gabriel Iwuchukwu Reichart

    JJ has got the laugh of a Japanese

  • Aaron Fires
    Aaron Fires

    Was Vic drunk lol wtf was wrong

  • kinetic_knight

    Josh got so lucky because pizza and pasta is good and he’s half italien…

  • slipknot is best
    slipknot is best

    46:19 Harry is part goose too.

  • Someone like you
    Someone like you

    Hot dogs aren't German

  • Lalrinchhana Tlau
    Lalrinchhana Tlau

    Poor foods😟

  • Wolverinegamer9

    40:40 my screen went black

  • Mats Engesbak
    Mats Engesbak

    jj said japeise greting and simon sied konishiwa wtf happend to idetakemas

  • haiqal aniqi
    haiqal aniqi

    simon could have done a simpler dish which is schnitzel

  • RudyPhile

    As soon as Vik spilled the bag I was like:- " _It's going to be a BANGER of a video_ "

  • Margarita Malinao
    Margarita Malinao



    being an indian and watching vikk eat dal and rice is painful

  • L OG
    L OG

    Sometimes vik is just so chill/helpless it becomes chaotic

  • Sabrina Coletta
    Sabrina Coletta

    Harry‘s Crepes actually look more like Austrian Palatschinken

  • Avni Sarin
    Avni Sarin

    how is no one talking about Harrys veiny arms and hands???? its when he's with tobi and vik

  • kobe

    “german way” = efficient, whole different context 80 years ago

  • Wolfblazer 5
    Wolfblazer 5

    I have one question Did Josh take the snack at the end

  • maymuna raj
    maymuna raj

    Watching vik make that dhaal was pain😭😭😭🤚🏼

  • ZFare

    Harry is on his way to become Gordon Ramsay

  • Elliot Kilvik
    Elliot Kilvik

    love it how Simon is supposed to be german and then buys french beer

  • Connor Heydtmann
    Connor Heydtmann

    Hot dogs: Welcome to Germany

  • Abdulmalik Jussab
    Abdulmalik Jussab

    1:00:37 man could’ve saved the titanic

  • Joseph Estrada
    Joseph Estrada

    u can tell jj is a dub watcher ewwwwwww

  • SinForNow

    I’m in pain listening to jj try speak Japanese

  • Gabe Sharr
    Gabe Sharr

    jj: i’m trying to think of a japanese word ‘✌️ whaaaaaaaatttt’

  • Crfty_

    27:16 😂😂😂😂

  • NoBody500xL

    As a German I must say Simon has to eat something truly German - "Mettbrötchen" aka 'The German Sushi' - raw minced pork with onions on a bread roll - fckn delicious! 😋

  • kexz

    I found it so funny when josh said its going brown and looks at tobi and tobi said y u looking at me 🤣🤣🤣

  • Arvin Multani
    Arvin Multani

    24:05 Josh’s face 🤣🤣

  • Quality Content
    Quality Content

    Nobody: I mean nobody Tommyinnit:vik is pogging without his mouth @ 33:25

  • ❣️ØZARK❣️

    26:57 I’m dead tho way josh said that

  • Noah Lund
    Noah Lund

    24:46 ✨get in✨

  • Number /unknown
    Number /unknown

    29:38 why is jjs little giggle so cute no Homs😐

  • Ota-COOL Otaku
    Ota-COOL Otaku

    I'm surprised that vicstar's mum didn't show up to cook. Shame.

  • Dini Mueter
    Dini Mueter

    Im confused how they drink hot dog water for 200£ like my friends and i are so broke i think we’d do it for 10£

  • Ryragnarok

    Vik, Josh and Tobi: Crying Harry and Ethan: Actually cooking JJ and Simon: *S W E A T*

  • tree tard
    tree tard

    Fun fact spaghetti and meatballs was made in new york

  • Destiny-Latesha Jones
    Destiny-Latesha Jones

    the fact jj can’t hold chopsticks makes it 100x bettrr

  • The Peaks
    The Peaks

    Vick oil in the pan then the noodles

  • Tech Clan
    Tech Clan

    I KNEW IT HA 0:43

  • The Peaks
    The Peaks

    Hamburger that’s kinda German literally originated in hamburg Germany

  • Ilija Janković
    Ilija Janković

    All Balkan people in comments😂😂😂😂

  • Katarina Karajanovski
    Katarina Karajanovski

    I’m not a simp but Harry’s hands hit different

  • Ambilevantt

    everyone cooking variety foods from their country's: simon: H O T D O G

    • Josie Leffelman
      Josie Leffelman

      I’m from America and I found it fascinating that the hotdogs come in jars in England

    • Not Wednesday
      Not Wednesday

      Stop. Hot dogs are also called "franks" for a reason. They're a subset of frankfurter. As in Frankfurt, Germany. Hot dogs are not American as many people are claiming, there's just an American version. Hot dogs in America definitely don't come in jars and UK hot dogs are usually closer to German frankfurters than they are to American hot dogs.

  • Nathan Blight
    Nathan Blight

    pounded yam

  • El Grando Smokio
    El Grando Smokio

    Ethans dna is fake, hes Nigerian.

  • Emma Bubbles
    Emma Bubbles

    Tobi is bæ

  • Jake Linam
    Jake Linam

    Sidemen the reason for world hunger?


    JJ: I’m still training. Me: Doubt

  • David Zubaj
    David Zubaj

    legit thought for a sec jj was gonna sqy yamete kudadai

  • Division Makoz
    Division Makoz

    Ksimon looks so cute couple when they cook

  • Imam Fadlan
    Imam Fadlan

    what’s app name for test DNA??

  • Dorraij

    as a german i am deeply offended, hot dogs are as american as it can get and have nothing to do with germany lmao schould have made schnitzel and pommes would have had a feast im joking im in no way offended before someone gets offended by me being offended -Internet Culture 2021

  • Gopal Reddy
    Gopal Reddy


  • Terje Sæther
    Terje Sæther

    Fun fact: Salmon Sushi is actually not japanese, its Norwegian

  • Mahesh Adhikari Vlogs Ur2gdfrn says
    Mahesh Adhikari Vlogs Ur2gdfrn says

    Harry holding glass and vik holding spoon is just amazing

  • Mahesh Adhikari Vlogs Ur2gdfrn says
    Mahesh Adhikari Vlogs Ur2gdfrn says

    Vik's kitchen is amazing. Damn he has nice kitchen. He needs xbox there to play in his TV, he doesn't cook there anyway

  • oliver anderson
    oliver anderson

    lmao only ksi could make wagu steak look like a donner kebab

  • Ethan Clarke
    Ethan Clarke

    I cant believe he used hot dogs to represent germany

  • D C
    D C

    Kronenburgs french

  • Diex1M

    My mum actually makes krepes but not like a tortilla

  • xd_BRI4NYT

    how the hell is jj is 25%

  • Yash Fofaria
    Yash Fofaria

    4:09 So umm… harry wanna explain this?

  • Daniel Thorpe
    Daniel Thorpe

    I knew Harry took drugs didn't know he sold drugs

  • Marina Dalmeida
    Marina Dalmeida

    pause when they show jj's results can anyone see 25% percent Japanese or is this scripted?

  • Naikurio

    The way Jj is eating that one single pea In the thumbnail lmao